The United Players have never stopped in 40 years, not for wind, hail nor snow, until now, just for a bit, just like everyone else.

We haven't gone anywhere, but we've decided to act sensibly (that's so unlike us!) and do the right thing. We won't be taking our annual jolly to Herstmonceux and England's Medieval Festival, we couldn't perform at the Medway Little Theatre and our Panto is having to wait for it's 40th outing until just a bit later in 2021 we hope.

Until we are, eventually, allowed to bust out all over, we'll be Zooming here, Zooming there so keep an eye out for Quizzes, One-offs, Medleys, Taskmastery-things and before you know it you'll be planted in a seat back at St Williams singing along to your favourite tunes and booing at baddies with us again.