BOOKING NOW! GROUPS of 10 or More!

Welcome to our GROUP BOOKINGS page!

If you're bringing 10 or more people for a show, we'll give you a 10% Discount on the ticket price. The discount is already built into the price on this page.

So, it's time to book those tickets! Hurrah!

1. Select your Ticket type

2. Choose your Date, and

3. Say how many you need, and

4. "Add to Cart"

To add more tickets just click on "Continue Shopping" on the PayPal page to return here to add some more.

Check your order is correct (by clicking "More" in the shopping Basket)

Pay via PayPal - you don't need a PayPal Account.

Your PayPal receipt is your ticket.

A polite reminder - this is for GROUP BOOKINGS ONLY. If you book less than 10 tickets for a show, we'll have to politely refund your money and cancel your tickets.

For any queries please email

All 2.30pm Shows are now
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2. When?

3. How Many?