We are an Amateur Dramatic group based at St.Williams Church in Walderslade, Chatham. We've been bringing pantomimes, youth theatre, medieval theatre and classic drama to Walderslade since as far back as 1981 and we're still going strong!

Our biggest event by far is our annual pantomime that warms the late January evenings. This plays over two weekends, to more than 1,000 people and is what we're best known for.

Over the past few years our youth section has proved popular, culminating in an entry at the Duncan Rand Theatre Festival in July. We've developed a penchant for medieval theatre too and are invited to perform every year at the Herstmonceux Medieval Festival in Sussex.

We formed, however, way back in 1982, with the production of our first pantomime, 'Babes in the Wood' although it was some six months earlier when a group was formed to provide musical entertainment at a local Church Fete in the summer of 1981 that it all really started.

Possibly playing to the biggest United Players audience since, the as yet nameless group performed a 'Pierrots Show' in traditional costume and a 'Cockney Song Book', So that's where it all began.

Our aim has, and always will be, to perform good quality, homespun family entertainment, through our annual pantomime, variety evenings, one and two act plays, of which there have been many. The future looks bright, we are a young and vibrant group with lots of talent, so who knows what we will achieve in the next thirty five years; keep logging into the web site to find out!